Made In Cape Town


Entrepreneurship is never an easy road, but is the most satisfying way of doing
business when a plan comes together. So, as expected, it took many meetings with a great many different clothing manufacturers until I finally found one who was both excited about my new project; and willing to set about developing the BABY AND KIDS FIVE-PANEL CAPS I had envisaged.

What I love about the REIGN + SUN manufacturers is that they run a family-owned bespoke headwear factory here in Cape Town and have significant experience behind them, having been in operation for 36 years to date. Notably, all their headwear products are hand cut and hand sewn, allowing for the epitome of customer satisfaction.

What those unused to the headwear game don’t know, is that making headwear is exactly like making clothing. Patterns need to be drawn up, peaks need to be cut and measured, and samples need to be produced that showcase a range of options. It therefore took some time – and immense patience – for me to set about developing a whole new product together with my manufacturing team. And, once I was confident that we were on the right track, I had the pleasure of sitting down with a skilled graphic designer and close friend to create the REIGN + SUN logo.
After hours of work – that involved significant trial and error – I am excited to be able to provide a stylish, locally made cap for you and your little ones to enjoy.

We hope you remember to take your FUN, FRESH, STYLISH AND PRACTICAL caps along whenever you venture out, and that you love them as much as Reign and I do.